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That is the sexiest thing a man can do for his girl...protect her.

Being at a concert together is great- throw me on your shoulders and it's even greater!!

Favorite topic of conversation with date: I don't know. But I want to be playful. I think just us being silly. Joking around. That will be my favorite conversations.

We can't wait to get a pet together in the future and I hope we get one that we both equally love :)

the smells of the guys most important to me are some of the most wonderful smells to me, whether it be cologne or natural.

Watch all of the old shitty Godzilla movies with me at the Comic Book store.

There are plenty of players out there. I want a guy who's different. Show me that you are. :)

It's like a surprise, feeling of comfort and instant moment of tingling wrapped in one. All because he hugged you from behind ♥

#51- And don't delete ANY! Some of the worst one's end up being the best. :)

We do this all the time and i think we have one of the biggest board game collections, its such a fun thing to do together and with friends and makes for some lasting memories :)