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Oh Jase!

Jase Robertson “You can turn water into wine if your name is Jesus. Last time I checked, your name is Willie.” Sadly, Willie didn't know it till he'd bought the wine yard.

Eric: But I don't want to go outside. There're people out there. (That 70's Show)

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New Girl - Nick Miller " Where are you, Schmidt? This place is fancy, and I don't know which fork to kill myself with." Waiting for Jess in a Fancy Restaurant.

this is awesome... Bazzinga

My husband FREAKS out every time Howard's mother yells. He had, about, 15 theories on who it could be: penny, howard. This was amazing

Ermahgerd Yuker Lerler

"So my sister got a Ukulele for my birthday, and my dad captioned this…"


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