Thom Yorke by Evgeny Parfenov

Evgeny Parfenov

Antonio Gamboa

Floppy disk art by Nick Gentry

Jake Panian

Stevie Lewis.

Kurt Cobain

Francoise Nielly

Mike Mitchell. An American artist known for his pop surrealism. Here is the The Portrait Show series found on films, películas, personajes

Guim Tió Zarraluki

Colorful Illustrations of New York City by Remko Heemskerk

A master draughtsman, Michael Reedy shows his versatility as an artist in his mixed media artworks. Elements of photorealistic anatomy drawings are blended with pop surrealist fare, combining anatomically-precise figures Reedy uses his penchant for photorealism to create bizarre and sometimes haunting juxtapositions; we see characters with their internal organs and bones exposed, adding an element

Iain Macarthur


This is inpiring to me because it emerces a very traditional looking B&W portrait into the modernday visual colour of TV/PCs Thom Yorke

Final Image - How to Create a Geometric, WPAP Vector Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

Portrait by Claerwen James

Jeff Hein. Sunkissed. unusual portrait series