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    If you're going to destroy the universe might as well look good doing it (and wear a scarf).

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    So true

    #Avengers. Agree/Disagree? Last time I played D I started out as True Neutral (I think), but after I smashed a random NPC in the head with my sword, my alignment shifted to Chaotic Evil. And everyone wonders why Loki is my favorite?

    Thor: The Dark World --loved! this scene. Note the expression on Loki's face, he didn't expect Thor to be observant enough, or to know him well enough to spot the illusion. But Thor did--and that's why Loki actually let him see the truth.

    Q: I get a sense that your fanbases are quite competitive with each other. Who do you think is winning? -- XD

    Tom Hiddleston

    True. And sometimes they just need to know that there is someone there for them. He's probably really lonely because everyone takes one look and runs just cause he's a frost giant or cause he's adopted.

    Why I love Tom.

    Incase you can't tell, he's kneeling in front of that girl who did the amazing Loki cosplay

    Loki ;) #TomHiddleston

    It's official. #Hiddlesworth :D | Chris Hemsworth + Tom Hiddleston

    Loki protects Jane! My heart squealed at this moment! <-----------Yes, I noticed that. That was incredible. Knowing Tom Hiddleston, knowing how gentlemanly and polite he actually is, it was probably his idea for Loki to run over and protect her. I REALLY hope that is true because my love and appreciation for Tom would increase exponentially.

    Tom and Chris

    Tom Hiddleston. What a trooper.

    Thor, you're seriously telling LOKI, God of MISCHIEF, to be a good little boy?? Yeeeahh. Right.

    oh tom

    Because this is true | Community Post: 15 Reasons Why Tom Hiddleston Is Perfect

    Tom Hiddleston on Loki.

    Tom Hiddleston ...I was like, "Guys" ...I'm not giving them back

    Jeremy: You're a bad guy. Nobody likes you. Tom: You liked me for a bit

    Tom is so British.