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Awesome dog bed.

Hot Dog Bed #doxie #cute #dachshund...Amy! You need this!

Hahaha this is totally Jackson when we're watching him...

Weenie love!

This suspicious dog. | 50 Most WTF Animal Pics Of The Year

These 19 Dogs Are Unlike Any I’ve Ever Seen Before… Can I Have Them? ALL Of Them?!Hv@:l0GKSI_R/



Dachshund love

Courtney look!! It's Henry and Charlie as babies!!

Funny That's our dachshunds! They think everything we have is theirs

Maggie Puppies :)

I need to do this to Delilah !

My People Need Me!

welcome to my world

@Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Pate. Omg!!! Every time I see a weeny dog I think of Agatha Pauline Pate. Please get her this.

Dachshund Weenie!!

mini dachshund - wiener - CUTE by milagros

Adorable -- Don't judge before you know.

A miniature dachshund puppy. Beyond adorable.