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Homemade Lego Costumes! Liz Mester Mester Mester Mester Mester Beeman you should do the wedding one!

Lego Skeleton Costume - we think this will be the winner (inspiration) for Aidan this year! Thank you Pinterest!

Homemade Costumes for Families - a huge gallery of DIY Halloween costumes!

Lego Boy Costume. Big box & deli containers for the brick, box, giant snack container, yellow duct tape and mittens from yellow fleece for the boy. Also used speaker fabric for the eye and mouth openings so he can see out but you can't see in.

Homemade Costumes for Couples - this website has tons of DIY costume ideas!

coloring page Lego Ninjago - Lego Ninjago

Scuba - would be an easy costume to make (black shirt & leggings, spay painted 2 liter pop bottle...)

Ninjago - Lego cake. Yes. - Eileen this is Sebastian's alarm clock - so maybe for his next birthday ? Or maybe not cool enough for a 10 year old by then :-(