Take two & call us in the morning.

not happening. (You see, I'm pinning this on my inspiring quotes board, because I do in fact find it inspiring, but my body is not physically capable of waking up an hour early. It just doesn't work.)

I called shotgun infinity

Wake up call


Lol yes I hate mornings I'm a total night owl!

If someone knows who did this drawing please tell me, to credit him.

actual poster from the mid-50s issued by senator joseph mccarthy at the height of the red scare and anti communist witch hunt in washington. all artists were suspect. #bewareofartist #artist #mccarthy #communism #redscare

My thought process summed up in one picture..some people even call me squidward

Sounds good

It will all be better in the morning. Swearsies.

farmers market

Darling, You Are ❥


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Brittney Lee: Morning Fog

Good call.

Hell to the...

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