• deine

    People of the World Spice up your Life!! I always wanted to be baby spice !

  • Shania MacMillan

    The Ultimate 90s Girl Playlist

  • Anita Lohuizen

    Spice up your life! #spicegirls

  • Samantha Claire

    spice girls you were my life

  • Angela Morris

    90s kid. SPICE UP YOUR LIFE

  • Alicia Mucha

    Like every other child of the 90s I adored the spice girls. In my group of friends each girl identified as a particular spice girl, I was Ginger spice. I do think that the message of girl power was important, but looking back I'm a little concerned about the stereotypical roles each girl had. Scary, the black spice girl of course has to always be in animal print. Baby spice has fallen victim to infantilism. Posh a wealthy snob, Ginger is "fast", sporty a tomboy. All girls don't fit these roles.

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