this is exactly how I do my cat eye in 2 minutes. it's the only way I wear my eye makeup now and I get complimented every single time I step out. It's nice to have ppl distracted from the preggo belly :)

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Instantly erases: dark circles, fine lines. Visibly diminishes: puffiness. Eye area looks radiant and refreshed.

How to Do Winged Eyeliner | Divine Caroline - I literally mess this up, every. single. time.

Laziest Thing You've Ever Done? Hahaha definitely worth reading. Some of these are hilarious!

I do this several times a day

Pretty eyeshadow tutorial! #makeup #beauty #eyeshadow http://trends-style.com/this-look/

Eyes makeup

Every eye liner

when it comes to brushes, yes we all start with the ones in pack. It is later as you grow up makeup-wise, get experienced that you realize how important brushes are! and it is ok!

Winged eyeliner tutorial

liquid eye liner

Pin up eyes


eye liner

gold liner

winging it

hair stylist funnies..

i wish i know how to do cat eye eyeliner