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    The golden rules.

    Best way to describe writing

    7 rules

    beautiful words dad always says age is only a number because if we were never told our age, we would only know by how feel, what we think and what we are attracted to D

    words to live by...


    Cry Me A River Build A Bridge And Get Over It Quote cry a river. build a bridge. get over it. i can cry a lot


    Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do.

    So true....i watched my mom care for my dad all through his sickness. My love respect for her grew even more!


    Have more than you show, and speak less than you know.

    Simple rules to live by.

    always improve!


    Ding ding ding.

    Such is life

    Now that is the truth but some people can never actually do, they are so stuck in just there thoughts and won't do, even when it makes things better

    you rule!