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In need of a detox? Get your teatox on with 10% off using our discount code 'Pinterest10' on www.skinnymetea.c... X

Dance It Out typography print

I feel like coming out of the fog,clarity is slowly emerging

Spinach Ranch Pizza - Recipe looks a bit involved, but might give it a try someday.

"When someone writes to you, takes their time to put their thoughts on paper, for you, it's a heart melting feeling. Just like when someone sends you a link to a song, it's words they're feeling but don't know how to say."

A pizza a day keeps the doctors away... or something like that

I struggle with this more often than I like to admit .. but I maintain the strength to follow the path that's right for me.

Sometimes you come into my mind. But i realize now that i don't like you anymore. I'm done. Finally.

When you pick a well you lose a what if, so when you keep a what if make you sure is worth turning it into a well, well, well....

"It's society's fault" is a popular scapegoat. If you would stop using it and stop letting society have that control over you, society WILL CHANGE. Your potential to change the world should set you on fire, stop throwing the water-bucket of "society" over it.