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Girls live here. photo via cotonblanc: Style № 67. Kate by David Sims, Heads: Hair by Guido

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kate moss by david sims, hair by guido palau

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hands on her head // photo by david Sims

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Kate Moss por Mario Testino na Vogue em 2008. Tule e calcinha.

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#Beauty #favorites by Merel Zoet - Kate Moss, 1990s.

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Kate Moss by David Sims

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visualinflux: “ By Steven Klein for Vogue Paris 2005. ”

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fur trimmed young kate moss

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Kate by mario testino

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Kate Moss in Christian Lacroix, 1990s.

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kate moss

Fashion Gone Roguefrom Fashion Gone Rogue

Cara Delevingne Stuns for Mario Testino in Cover Story of Allure

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Cara Delevingne Stuns in Cover Story Allure #caradelevingne #mariotestino #fashion

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