Here are two fashion icons of the 90's --Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell. Naomi is wearing Thigh Highs which were almost like tights or stockings that went very high up the thigh. This brought the attention far up the leg and also highlighted the legs. Thigh highs were a popular style throughout the 90's, of course if they were seen on Naomi!

Kate Moss by Lance Staedler for Glamour France, 1992

sarah rutson | Tumblr : the silhouette of the haircut is of interest (as fetching as the sheer blouse may be)

Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss clubbing in spaghetti straps in the 90's


CLUELESS/ 90s fashion I want to bring some of these old styles back but make them not so ugly haha but I like this one tho.


#nonewfriends Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell You can't sit with us.

Yes to the yes. | 116 "Clueless" Outfits Ranked From Worst To Best

Kate Moss

Kate Moss

Happy Birthday Kate Moss!

Kate Moss + Naomi Campbell

Kate Moss

Kate Moss.

#WCW: Kate Moss by Frederique Veysset for Allure, 1994 #bkrm #backroom #katemoss #vintage #inspiration #womencrushwednesday #style

PETER LINDBERGH | Kate Moss | Iconic Model | VOGUE | fashion icon | editorial | legs | scooter | street scene | sidewalk | shades | black & white | stilettos | walk | glamour | gloves | |

x #banditbabe


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