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Big primpin'.

The Coveteurfrom The Coveteur

Getting Met Gala Ready with Caroline Trentini

Trentini Met

Caroline Trentini

Prom Makeup

Makeup Nails

Beauty Makeup

Makeup Hair

Reps Makeup

Model Caroline

2014 Caroline

Big primpin'. #METGala

The Coveteurfrom The Coveteur

Pinterest Beauty Hacks, Put to the Test

Nails Skincare

Makeup Nails

Hair Makeup


Secret Beauty

Beauty Secrets

Perfume Candle

Shh Hair

Beauty List

Does this actually make your perfume last all day? @thecoveteur

Long Braids

Curly Braids

Blonde Braids

Braids Beach

Blonde Boho

Messy Blonde

Summer Braids

Beach Hair

Summer Hair

More big braids, please.

Holiday Beauty

Holiday Makeup

Makeup Glitter

Natural Beauty


The O'Jays




Because you can never have enough glitter around the holidays.

Simply Beautifullll


Lavender Lips

Lavender Brown

Blush Pink Outfit

Pink Outfits

Outfit Thecoveteur

Superfly Specs

Attitude Faces

Lavender lips. @thecoveteur

The Coveteurfrom The Coveteur

Pinterest Beauty Hacks, Put to the Test

Beauty Edit

Beauty Stuff

Hair Beauty

Stay All Day Makeup

Pretty Vs

Diy Inspo


Lil Lipstick

Ideas 2

Stay-all-day lipstick, right this way. @thecoveteur

The Coveteurfrom The Coveteur

How A Model Gets Ready for NYFW


Beauty Board


Michael O'Keefe



Gussying up. @thecoveteur

The Berryfrom The Berry

Makeup Madness Monday (30 photos)

Monday 30

Madness Monday


Beauty Inspo

Beauty Bar

Makeup Inspo

Makeup Ideas

Photographic Shoot

Runway Makeup

Sunset colors. @thecoveteur

Glitter Vibes

Glitter Af

Glitter Trends

Makeup Glitter

Sequin Factory

Factory Glitter

Glitter Thecoveteur

Space Kitteh

Tactfully Messy

For the love of glitter. @thecoveteur

2015 Beauty

Beauty Trends

Milan Beauty

Beauty Tips

Trends Makeup

Runway Beauty

Beauty Bar

Beauty Sfutff

Beauty Tonic

Red lips. @thecoveteur





Hair And Beauty

Beauty Tips

Things Beauty

Blonde Beauty

Beauty Full

This = a big yes.

Gold Eyeshadow

Glitter Eye Makeup

Glittery Eye

Metallic Eye

Gold Makeup

Glitter Dust

Glitter Light

Gold Glitter Makeup

Glitter Shadow

Gold & glittery. @thecoveteur

Ugly Smelly

Smelly Boring

We'Re Ugly

Lipstick Lashes

Red Lipsticks

Face Pretty

Pretty Hair

Entine S

Beauty Mimosa

red lipstick. @thecoveteur

Hair Luvvvv

Pastel Hair

Pink Hair

Hair Element

Cabellos Hair

Hair Face

Silly Hair

Aw16 Hair

Curious Hair

Grey & rose gold. @thecoveteur

The Coveteurfrom The Coveteur

Pinterest Beauty Hacks, Put to the Test

Beauty Body

Beauty Hair Makeup

Face Makeup

Nails Xo

Hair Nails

Makeup Nails

Hacks Tested

Apply Liquid

Liquid Eyeliner

Beautypro Gold

Gold Foil

Gold Glitter


Film Garbage

Garbage Makeup

Makeup And Beauty

Makeup Art

Makeup Hair

Gold foil. @thecoveteur

Beauty Makeup

Hair And Makeup

Hair And Beauty

Beauty Tips

Makeup Looks

Beauty Trends

Beauty 911

17 Makeup

Makeup Tricks

Big lashes.

Eyeliner Spellonyou

Eyeliner Subtle

Eyelashes Eyebrow

Subtle Highlighter


Blush Grey

Soft Blush

Liner Peachy

Peachy Nude

That glow. @thecoveteur

Twisted Knot

Twisted Side

Side Twist

Knotted Side

Soft Twist

Easy Twist

Knot Bun

Hair Knot

Wedding Ideas

Knotted bun. @thecoveteur




Hair And Makeup

Hair And Beauty

Makeup Mid

Soft Makeup

Beauty Mtocavents

Beauty Snap

Everyone's dream hair, pretty much. @thecoveteur