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With a matching helmet, SVP.

#lancomelovespink #lancomedeutschland #lancome #pink #bikes #beachcruiser #rose #mint #prettyinpink STYLEeGRACE ❤'s these beach cruisers!

melon pink + mint beach cruiser bikes. LOVE this color combo! What can I do with these colors?

These beautiful vintage bikes make us long to go on a bike ride! Who would you take with you?

take a bike ride this weekend! | mint + watermelon pink bikes :).. maybe I should learn...

take a bike ride this weekend! | mint + watermelon pink bikes :)

The perfect pastel bike for summer bike rides down by the sea.

melon pink + mint bikes = fun summer bike ride!

bike and green bikes!

Watermelon Bikes.

The Berryfrom The Berry

It’s a girl thing (37 photos)

vintage #girly #pink For guide + advice on lifestyle, visit

Wow I need this old school pink camera! I miss when pics used to print out immediately! If you like my pins, please follow me and subscribe to my new fashion channel on youtube! It’s free! Let me help u find all the things that u love from Pinterest!

Vintage camera, blue headphones, and striped pink bow. Such pretty accessories.... I can help you be a girly girl...

Motif for T-shirt. Vintage camera, blue headphones, and striped pink bow. Such pretty accessories....

Vintage camera, blue headphones, and striped pink bow. Such pretty accessories.... (its a need)

Vintage camera, blue headphones, and striped pink bow.:

Pink Polaroid Camera Tumblr Picture Collection

vintage girly stuff.

It’s a girl thing (37 photos)

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I'm not quite sure what it is about this picture that I love so much, especially because I would never actually ride on a ferris wheel.

We're wishing we could take a ride on this cool vintage #pink ferris wheel!

Vintage Carnival Prints - free from Oh So Lovely - oh, hello friend | blog

Oh So Lovely: FREE VINTAGE CARNIVAL PRINTS#c1474561268523903833

I love this pink ferris wheel. Fun, cute and sweet!



pink ferris wheel vintage

Pastel pink ferris wheel.

vintage pink ferris wheel

On yer bike! Make the most of this splendid summer and join in Ride London from 9th-10th of August. Spanning many open locations across London, the Ride festival is not only about cycling but events and activities from giant Jenga and balance bikes in Green Park for the kids, to a pedal-powered garden party in Tower Hill. You can enter and exit at any point along the route, do as many laps as you like and come and go as you please so there's no pressure, just fun!

ALMOST LOOKS LIKE MINE!!! Ahhh, the joy of dreamily pretty summer bike rides.#vintage하이원카지노Ⅲ★Ⅲ ASIANKASINO.COM Ⅲ★Ⅲ하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노하이원카지노

ALMOST LOOKS LIKE MINE!!! Ahhh, the joy of dreamily pretty summer bike rides.#vintage

Ahhh, the joy of dreamily pretty summer bike rides. #bicycles #summer #pastel #vintage

bike riding on a beach cruiser would make my sunday :)

Vintage bicycle, photography, beautiful, photo,

Vintage pastel bike

electra bikes

vintage bike

Little Bicycle Art Print by JoyHey

Sunny Life Beach Radio

[Sunny Life Beach Radio - Anthropologie] Hmm I think I need one of these little cuties for baseball games on-the-go. That little lemony one is calling to me!

Sunny Life Beach Radio - It hooks up to your ipod! Too cute!

These are PERFECT for a picnic. :) Sunny Life Beach Radio -

PLEASE. Sunny Life Beach Radio // Anthropologie

cute MP3 retro radio

Pastel beach radios.

Adorable beach radio

Pastel radios |

Sunnylife radio

J'aime Concept store pour les petits & les plus grands - Brest - France!/JaimePourLesPetitsEtLesPlusGrands

Google képkeresési találat: #compartirvideos #happybirthday

Pink Balloons & Roses. #pretty #cute #balloons #pink #smile #day #love #fashion #style

Balloons & roses wedding idea

pretty pastel balloons

Pink balloons & roses

Pastel balloons roses

Happy Birthday


: positive thoughts : gratitude : : pretty things : quotes : ohh, and I love the colour pink! please enjoy i love getting your messages! ♥

Pastel sunset

The sunrise over the ocean is something Angel sees every morning, and is one of her favorite things about living on the ship. pastel colors

A pastel sky at dusk over looking the ocean #truebeauty

Beautiful pastel sunrise #Sunrise #Beauty #Colours

#pretty #pastels #colors #nature #nightfall

Beautiful colours of the ocean

Pastel sunset over the ocean.

The ocean and a pastel sky

pastel beach sunset

Pink sunset

Hoping it's been a great Mother's Day! 📌 #happymothersday #mothersday #mom #bike #flowers #basket #ride #bicycle

Brisk spring bike rides are the perfect remedy for winter's chills. #MeltIntoSpring

DIY spring flowers in a vintage bicycle basket.

Flowers in a bike basket. How perfectly spring

Loving these Pink Vintage Bicycles~❥

Cute bike with flowers basket

Vintage bike. Flowers.

Bike basket + flowers

blooming bicycle.

Vintage Carousel | antique, carnival ride, carousel, lovely - inspiring picture on Favim ...

#magical #carnival #ferris #wheel #magic #childhood #memories #merrygoround #circus #carousel

Vintage Carousel | antique, carnival ride, funr for everyone ...#PartyInPepperberry

antique, carnival ride, carousel, lovely, merry-go-round, pastel, pretty, vintage

Vintage Carousel, antique, carousel, lovely, #summer #pastel

Vintage Carousel | antique, carnival ride, carousel, pastel

Carnival-ride swings. Cool and pretty shot.

Carousels & Carnivals lovely inspiration

Inspiring image antique, carnival ride, carousel, lovely, merry-go-round, pastel, pretty, vintage #515405 - Resolution 500x500px - Find the image to your taste

Kochani czy pamiętacie o miętowym konkursie na blogu Lili Naturalna? Czekamy na jeszcze więcej fantastycznych i kreatywnych odpowiedzi!

We used to have an old type writer years ago, I wonder what ever happened to it. #Vintage #Typewriter

Mint green vintage typewriter

Vintage typewriter, mint typewriter, pencils, workspace, mint color

love the pastel colours mixed with the vintage typewriter <3

Vintage Typewriter love the pastel color

Amazing mint green type writer! Need it.

Armonía por luminosidad: colores pastel

So pretty pastel mint typewriter ❤️

Vintage pastel typewriter ✿⊱╮


Disco Ball Helmet

for Woog

This disco ball helmet uses real glass, as it is intended as a costume piece (to be paired with a disco backpack, coming soon!). If you want it to be functional, acrylic mirror would be safer and lighter weight (though not as shiny and reflective). Wicked Wicked Discoball Helmet! Make-one-now:

DIY disco ball helmet? awesome. Ashley, make this immediately for those hot nights out on the town with Ty on the motorcycle.

DIY Disco Ball Bike Helmet.. Hmmm this could work with my fog horn. Do you think riders would see me coming?

DIY Disco Ball Bike Helmet (I will wear this on my baby blue Vespa...when I get a baby blue Vespa.)

This might be the only wear I will now wear a helmet-->DIY Disco Ball Helmet

DIY disco helmet - awesome (but also totally distracting on the road)

disco ball bike helmet - awesome.

Disco ball motorcycle helmet.

DIY Disco Ball Bike Helmet

For more information on own brand goods and inspiration for promotional goods visit us on

I have no idea what this is from, but...I think a party with Easter bonnets and beach cruisers would be really fun! Maybe a mobile Easter egg hunt? Great photo op too!

pretty pastel bikes. This would be such a pretty print to own. :)

Ooh those colors are so lovely #Vintagebikes #Pastels

Vintage bikes, beautiful colours in this photo

Look at all the pretty BIKES! 😍

Paris, vintage bike wallpaper

#Vintage #Bicycles #Pretty

Pretty pastel bikes.

Bike Rides

I like to ride my bicycle

Pink vintage bike -- very similar to my pink bike, but mine has a cute wicker basket. Love the photo styling here.

vintage pink bike and wonderful floral wallpaper... I LOVE THOSE KINDS OF BIKES!!!!!! AHHHHH

I want this beach cruiser! In mint green

Beg bicycles and green floral wallpaper

Pretty pink bike and floral wallpaper

Vintage bicycle with floral wallpaper

floral wallpaper.....Pink bicycle

Dream bike

Nicole. 25. Very little rhyme or reason here so follow at your own risk. Expect a mixture of pretty things, naked ladies, hunky men, cats, and a dash of fandoms.

Pastel vintage radios

Radio Stations by Cassia Beck. Dear modern appliances: please start being made in more minty-pastel colors like these.

I love these vintage radios and pastel colors!! I need one for my kitchen.

vintage pastel radios -- Radio Stations by Cassia Beck

I love these vintage radios and pastel colors!!

Vintage radios in pastel colors!

love these vintage pastel radios

pretty pastel vintage radios

clock radios

Retro radios

M I N T Ladies' Cruiser

OMG I WANT SO BAD!!! Huffy Womens Deluxe Cruiser Bike, Mint Green, 26-Inch/Medium: Sports & Outdoors Huffy Womens Deluxe Cruiser Bike, Mint Green, 26-Inch/Medium: Sports Outdoors. This is so beautiful, I love it!!!!

Huffy 26" Deluxe Ladies' Cruiser | I want this... but in mountain bike form. :3 : Huffy Women&#39;s Deluxe Cruiser Bike, Mint Green, 26 ...

Huffy 26" Deluxe Ladies' Cruiser, yep I cans see my self cruzen!

Huffy 26 Deluxe Ladies Cruiser I wish for this to be mine :)

Huffy 26" Deluxe Cruiser Bike, Seafoam $ 129.98 - Sam's Club

Beach cruiser xo Huffy Deluxe Ladies Cruiser

Mint green Huffy 26 Deluxe Ladies Cruiser!

nothing like a bike ride.

I have fantasies of riding one of these with the huge basket on the front, me wearing a big, floppy hat, a la Minnie Driver in #basket#wicker basket#bike #bike basket#flower basket

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you've got to keep moving." Albert Einstein - #vintage #bike #flowers #quotes

this is from @Slim Paley..i love her bike & flower basket...this girl has style in everything she does!!!

flower basket for Gidget, my beach cruiser

prop idea: vintage bike + flower basket

Vintage Bicycle with a flower basket

#flowers #beachcruiser #bicycle

<3 flowerbasket

We're taking a virtual bike ride and gazing at vintage bikes (or vintage inspired bikes!) today on JustB. Have you got a baguette in your basket?!

You may no longer need a typewriter, but they can still make great decorative pieces. We're in love with this baby pink typewriter.

I love this pink typewriter, have an old vintage typewriter similar to this..Hmmm paint it pink??? whatcha think?

Pink vintage typewriter. Perfect for a retro office space!:: Pink Typewriter:: Vintage Lifestyle

Pretty Pink Vintage Typewriter + Pink Roses

Pink vintage type man...

vintage pink, vintage typewriter

Pretty pink vintage typewriter.

‿✿⁀°Pink Things°‿✿⁀

All things pink.

Pink? Pink!!

tiffany blue bicycle with basket - I want one!!

a turquoise beach cruiser and a cute wicker basket... a perfect combination (until you try to carry a gallon of milk in said basket, but that's another story)

I want a beach cruiser exactly like this! Light blue with a light brown wicker basket!

tiffany blue bike {I not only love the color, but I love old fashioned vintage bikes}

Blue Bike...wicker basket! Now where is the wine & cheese

Dreaming of beach bike rides #BeachCruisin

Turquoise beach bike & basket

Vintage bike + wicker basket

a vintage bicycle <3

dream bike/basket

For those happy days to be lived out in a restored barn-house, at the end of a quiet country lane, so close to the Irish coastline.

Hmmm, riding a bike in rain boots on the beach, in a skirt... totally ME!!!

Beaches, Bikes, Rain boots, Trench coats.

Hunters and a bike ride on the beach

rubbers, beach & bicycle.

beach bike is a must have

beach bike ride.....

.beach. bike..sand

Beach bike rides


Pink flowers and pink bike #pink #prettyinpink #welovepink #pinkflowers #pinkbike

Pretty Pink Flowers #Colorful Roses|

A pretty pink bicycle among the pretty pink petals! #spring

i want a pretty pink bike! or even a pastel blue one...

Pink flowering tree, pink petals and pink bike #pink

Pretty pink flowers everywhere and a pink bike

Pretty pink flowers and pink bike! <3

Pastel pink flowers and bike riding

secret garden

This vintage bike could sit on so many of my boards - objects of desire, outside, vintage, a certain something... It has a bit of everything and is perfectly lovely.

One of the best ways to get around Pleasure Island is bike riding! You can bring your own or we can hook you up with just the spot to rent your own beach cruiser in Carolina Beach!

Pretty white vintage it

white bike...beach cruiser.

Vintage bike rides

white bicycle



Happy Birthday My Little Angel!!! Your smile lights my world! I wish your every dream to be real~ I wish you beautiful cupcakes today! I wish one day you have will have your very own~ I wish you long bike rides~ I wish you days of your very own~ I wish you many many more special days with my Brandon! I wish you Always Know how much you are LOVED!! God only knows the journey we have been on together... I am SO PROUD OF YOU my beautiful little one that your wings have grown so strong~ ~ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Happy Bithday Meganbug!!! ~ Love, your other mother forevermore XO photo 1 imgspark, 4 call-me-cupcake 2, 8,9 frenchblue, 3,5,6,7 flicker

I am getting a SUPER late start to my road trip to Nashville today...but what's a girl to do?! I had the 'closing ceremony', as I like to call it, on the house the hubs and I flipped and sold this morning...I still had laundry to do, and just finished packing my suitcase a few seconds ago. Now I have to cut up celery for 'road snacks', load the car, leave 1000 notes for the house sitter...and then...MAYBE I can finally get on the road. Is it just me, or is the week leading up to vacation just a whole lotta work??  {but I LOVE every minute in the car rolling down the highway so it is all worth it!} I am leaving posting behind for the week. So I thought I would leave you with a few of my favorite 'pins' from the weekend...not a lick of sense as to how I chose these photos. Thats how I roll.  I just love 'em. Each and every one.  Oh, and almost 5,000 you have signed on to "follow" what I love on Pinterest! How fun is that?? I didn't even know 5,000 of you knew I existed! But somehow you discovered and SHARE my obsession with pretty things! Ok, on with the show...Enjoy! {sigh...} No words needed. You all know how I feel about old trucks.  White bike = a MUST have for this summer. I mean really, how cute is this??? And should it not be a requirement that we spend at least one night in a tree house in our adult lives...just so we don't forget to have a little fun in life? Ok, so this is just a teeny bit more elaborate than my childhood treehouse, but I like to think I have evolved! And if there has ever been a photo that totally and completely sums up what I hope my path to heaven looks like, this is it. Who knew a driveway could be so dreamy?? Whose mailbox is this, anyway?? I would love to send them a letter just to say they are the luckiest people in the whole world! Ok, now a quick snap back to reality...when I get home I am making half of my basement into a studio space. Here's hoping I find some cute little things for organization like this in my travels this week! Again, a cute lard bucket?? That sums up why I love vintage. Lard is even cute!!! And then something like this pops up on Pinterest and stops me in my tracks. Thoughts of my silly little studio space completely leave me head when my eyes fix on this photo.  Oh yes, it is Teresa's {STUNNING} greenhouse.  Dear Teresa, I know nothing of plants...but could I move to your farm and become your apprentice?? {pretty please...} So how was that for a totally random post that really made no sense at all...but we all love pretty pictures, right??  Over and out.  I have a highway waiting for me.  Nashville, here I come. You may never be the same.  {smile...}