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i'd like a cheeseburger large fries and a cosmopolitan. Sex and the City. Carrie.

Carrie Bradshaw

sex & the city

Sex in the City Carrie Bradshaw #Quote Absolutely love this.

my back is killing me and stress has took over all my muscles ... hmmm must demand that massage

...And had to buy the whole store. Duh.

sex and the city

Sex and the city


sex and the city


She wasn’t afraid to tell them the truth, even if they didn’t want to hear it. | 23 Times Miranda Proved She Was The Most Empowering Character On "Sex And The City"

Sex and the city quote, carrie bradshaw

I'm more of a . . . | Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

A Carrie Moment

Samantha Jones "Sex And The City"

Sex & the City - Carrie

Samantha Miranda - Sex and the City