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And this is why I am appreciated for all I do. I don't quit. I always find some way to go above and beyond expectations.

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Find three hobbies you love: One to make you money,…

Find three hobbies you love: One to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.

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Talent is wasted if you aren't willing to put it to use. Love this attitude! Love, Sarah

You can't have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic. This is so true, you gotta work hard to make it work!

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Inspiring Quotes When You Need Some Life Motivation

They say that the best things in life come from doing things that scare you. If that's the case my life is about to freakin' explode. Talking about it on the blog today...

One of the keys to success is passion. If you care about something or want it naturally you won't need to force yourself to work on it. The passion will be your fuel. Whether it is work, sports, love or anything else only work on things you are passionate about.

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25 Great Inspirational Quotes

There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

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There's no need to make noise about every little thing you do. Just do the job that you were hired for.

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6 Week Emergency Makeover Program