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WANT: http://www.thecoveteur.com/lily-kwong-festival-style/

Busy bee. @thecoveteur

Pearls. @thecoveteur

Fendi bag. @thecoveteur

Gucci. @thecoveteur

YSL. @thecoveteur

Proenza. @thecoveteur

For when she's not modeling, y'know. http://www.thecoveteur.com/daisy-lowe-model/

Chloé. @thecoveteur

Doubling up. @thecoveteur

Chloe Faye bag. @thecoveteur

Spotty. @thecoveteur

Green New Balances. @thecoveteur

You totes make friends with (the Blonde) Salad. http://www.thecoveteur.com/chiara_ferragni

It takes two. www.thecoveteur.com/erica-pelosini

On the run. http://www.thecoveteur.com/fatima-ghobash-sauce-dubai/

"The style in Riyadh is no different from anywhere else in the world, if not more glamorous." http://www.thecoveteur.com/deena-abdulaziz/

You red-y for this? www.thecoveteur.com/kate_lee

Party dress. www.thecoveteur.com/jane_keltner_de_valle

#cherryblossomseason. http://www.thecoveteur.com/adeam-hanako-maeda/

Just a little something. @Pamela Love www.thecoveteur.com/pamela_love