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    pretty pretty. i think i need a few more inches before i can do it...

    Braid bun - so pretty! I think that old-fashioned hairstyles like this are prettier than modern ones. Just my opinion. :)

    PENSIVE - reflecting, absorbed, attentive, contemplative, dreamy, grave, musing, pondering, preoccupied, serious, sober, speculative, thinking, thoughtful, wistful, withdrawn, meditative, introspective, ruminative, melancholy, somber

    so my sister saw this picture and titles it, " cream i guess......"

    some day i really want to be able to do this with my hair... ♥

    I'm going to figure out how to do this, and it's going to be awesome.

    braid inspo. OMG I do fishtails all the time but wow that is gonna take some time for how intricate the hair pieces are. My arms would for sure fall off!

    Love this french braid/cornrow pony. Chic and edgy