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Plaid Ottoman

How-To: Reupholster an Ottoman with a Pleated Skirt

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Merino Plaid Throw Blanket - All Bedding - Accessories - Room & Board, for sons room

OMG, this is IT! This is EXACTLY the plaid of my grade school uniform at Our Lady of Lourdes in the 1960s!!!  YUK-A-PUK!! To this day, my girlfriend and I call this "Our-Lady-of-Lourdes-plaid"!!! I can't abide plaids of any kind and I will not wear them. I went on to an even worse plaid at Our Lady of Victory in the early 1970s, but I have never recovered from "plaid-itis."

My black watch plaid high school uniform skirt. Worn with any solid color polo shirt or turtleneck. Progressive for the