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1St Chapter

Entire Chapter

Chapter Wall

Potter Written

Book Written

Chapter Written

Hand Written

Rings Written

Written Harry

An entire chapter of Harry Potter written under the stairs.

Lushome | Interior Design and Decorfrom Lushome | Interior Design and Decor

Staircase Painting Ideas Transforming Boring Wooden Stairs with Cool Designs






Dream Home

Dream Room

Barbie'S Dream

Dream Abode

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Attic Library

Dream Library

Library Wall

Home Library Design

Future Library

Dream Libraries

The Library

Library Porn

Book Attic

Cool book shelf. S.S.C.

Reading Nooks

Book Nooks

Reading Nook Under The Stairs

Family Reading

Reading Time

Dream House

My House

Potter Closet

Themed Reading

reading nook under the stairs

Etsyfrom Etsy

Turn On The Light DOUBLE - Wizard Inspired Switch Plate

Light Double

Double Switch

Hp Switch

Switch Idea


Inspired Switch

Inspired Turn

Inspired Light

Light Harry

love harry potter

What a cute idea!

What a cute idea!

Diy Wall Bookshelf

Diy Floating Bookshelf

Diy Book Shelves

Kitchen Bookshelves

Shelves For Walls

Room Floating

Floating Desk Diy

How To Make Bookshelves

Book Shelf Design

What a cute idea!

Good Ideas

Smart Ideas

Awesome Ideas

Cool Home Ideas

Clever Tips

Amazing Decor

Interesting Ideas

Simple Diy Home Decor

Paint Ideas For The Home

Hinged canvas frame to cover ugly stuff on the walls.

Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter Covers

Harry Potter Decorations

Harry Potter Drawing

Harry Potter Room Ideas

Harry Potter Diy Crafts

Quote Wall

Quote 27

Wall Quotes Diy

A chapter from a Harry Potter book painted on a wall.

Dream Houses

My Dream House

Dream Home

Nerdy House Decor

Nerd House

Harry Potter House Decor Home

Nerdy House Ideas

Harry Potter Inspired Home

Harry Potter Decorations Houses

Best homeowners of all time.

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

35 Things To Do With All Those Books



Home Sweet Home

Home Diy

Love This

This Is Awesome

Be Cool



omg closet into book nook! if i ever get an extra bedroom i will make it into a full out library and make a kid booknook-FOLLOW ME!

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Penny Flooring

Copper Flooring

Tiled Floors

Floor Tile

Flooring Project

Bath Floor

They say it's only $1.44 a sq foot to do flooring, and wow so beautiful!

Lightswitch Plates


Lightswitch Covers Diy

Harry Potter Lightswitch

Harry Potter Themed Rooms

Harry Potter Houses

Hogwarts Themed Room

Harry Potter Humor

Plate Harry

Harry Potter light switch

Hp Books

Harry Potter Books

Poor Books

Books Shut

Books Holy

Harry Potter Dress

Read Books

Things Books

Music Books

Dress made out of Harry Potter books.

Song Played

Theme Played

Face Amazing


Simply Amazing


This Is Awesome

Awesome Things

Glasses Amazing

Harry Potter theme played on wine glasses. Awesome!!

Library Chair

Bookshelf Chair

Chair Shelf

Loungeroom Bookcase

Comfy Bookcase

Sweet Bookcase

Built In Bookcase


Reading Chairs

this chair is AMAZING!

Reading Harry

Books Worth Reading

Good Books

Books And Bits

Book Land

Type Things Fandoms

Harry Potter Humor

Potter Headddd

Potter Stuff

Harry Potter

Creative House Ideas

Awesome House Ideas

Crazy Ideas

Awesome Rooms

Cool Ideas

Diy Ideas

Ideas Whoa

Amazing Ideas

Idea Fantastic

I love all of these, especially the clear tub


Dead Space




Cute Ideas

Nifty Ideas

Sweet Ideas

Helpful Ideas

Built in dog house under the stairs!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Potter Nerd

Harry Potter 3

3 Harry

Potter Long

Loved Harry

Potter Mania

Harry Potterness

Hp Nerd

Book Nerd

Harry Potter

Potter Meant

Potter ️

Potter Stuff

Potter Lovin

Potter Thing

Lily Potter

Potter Life

Sad It S

It Is

Written by a Harry Potter fan

Home Sweet Home

At Home

Haus Home

Nice Home

Dream House

Dream Casa

Condo Dream

Dream Cottage

Dream Abode

Make a circle book shelf out of square boxes.