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ARgENTUM ~ LOVER ~ la potion infinie #lover #blackandwhite #photobooth

Insanityfrom Insanity

No Room For Logic

It’s an interesting thing, reading the reviews written about one’s books. For the most part, I can pay no more attention to the good reviews than I can the bad – as both have the potential to sway me. And when it comes to writing, I don’t want any factor contributing to the words I write other than the creative energy that moves my fingers.

kiss me in the rain... kiss me in the snow.... kiss me in the fall.... kiss me in springtime... kiss me in summer... a kiss for all seasons and every day <3 :)

The perfect man: will go to the park with me and get on the swing-set or even in our backyard <3

Romantic Photos Of Kissing People - How french kiss ( kissing technique quiz) - wikihow, Step by step walk through on how to french kiss someone. Description from I searched for this on

This could be a cute engagement photo idea, it is sweet but not at all cheesy bc a) you can't see the kiss and b) its on inner tubes! Winter in New Hampshire, on an inner tube!!!

✭“It was a kiss to level mountains and shake stars from the sky. It was a kiss to make angels faint and demons weep...a passionate, demanding, soul-searing kiss that nearly knocked the earth off its axis.” ― Lisa Kleypas