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Peaks, Pits, Praises and Prayers. 1. Peaks of the Day: The highlights. The good moments. Something overall positive that happened during the day. 2. Pit of the Day: The low point of the day. But, rather than just complaining about it, a way that looking back at it can be positive or a blessing in disguise. 3. Praise: Simply praising God for specific things that happened 4. Prayers: Prayer requests that may have arose from the new day or that have been lingering. <3

Post your #PrayerRequest on Instapray. Download the free prayer app. #Pray with the whole world ------>

A Holy Experiencefrom A Holy Experience

Journaling as Spiritual Discipline: How to Set up and Organize a Journal

Journaling is keeping company with God, God who asks as He walks through the Garden, "Where are you?" Journaling answers: Here I am. It leaves markers of the soul's journey.One Way to Organize a Journal and Track the Journey of a Soul:1. Leave Tags: When I sit reading His Word, liste

christ's love quotes | christian love quotes facebook and praise long summer dresses with ...

A Divine Encounterfrom A Divine Encounter

God Still Wins - how God uses sinners (A Divine Encounter)

Encouraging post describing how God uses sinners to accomplish His purposes. (Job 26:14)

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A Mother's Best Friend: How to Do a Prayer Journal

How to Do a Prayer Journal

Blessing bags (keep in car to give to homeless). What a wonderful idea and a great way to show someone compassion!

Everything you need to help you set up and begin a Scripture Study Journal. Need something since BSF is over...

I like this idea. Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. Then, on New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year. Good way to keep things in perspective. - Click image to find more Holidays Pinterest pins