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Bob Mackie Radiant Redhead Barbie doll

Bob Mackie Queen of Hearts Barbie® Doll

Fantasy Goddess of the Arctic™ Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector. Bob Mackie

Barbie Holiday 2005

Bob Mackie

Bob Mackie The Tango Barbie® Doll

<0> Barbie Dress - Bob Mackie Cher La Plume Jumpsuit

Our favorite wedding-day Barbies: Bob Mackie Empress Barbie (1992)

Queen of Hearts Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector Silver Label® Designed by: Sharon Zuckerman Release Date: 7/1/2007 Product Code: L5850

Bob Mackie's Avalon Barbie

Bob Mackie Princess Stargazer Barbie Doll - Fantasy Dolls | Barbie Collector

Cher by Bob Mackie

My first designer doll I ever bought. "Madame du Barbie"

Vivien Leigh’s likeness wears a re-creation of the scandalous dress worn to ASHLEY WILKES’™ birthday party.

[Barbie Bride, modern wedding dress] It&#39;s very &#34;Capitol&#34; fashion for a Hunger Games themed party.


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Bob Mackie Barbie