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  • Angelina Mendez

    snuggle with stuffed animal toy, so sweet. =^.^= #gato #cat #chat

  • Some Boy

    Keepn my mnm warm I'm here i love you keep calm I'm coming don't cry I'm praying for you I miss you so much I'm sorry you missed my talk I for to tell you it was earlier then usual it's my fault gI had so much fun on Saturday :3 I know you loved my singing ;) We are! I'm not weak. I'm not broken. We are not broken we will build towards each other by all means ill show you my best and by all means I hope you accept it. Your my best friend forever and I'll never lose you and I'll prove it to you you keep watch and I'll show you ! I'm not sad around you or even upset around you all the time just needy and stupid which is funny to think about but I'll fix my attitude you watch and see But I try my hardest to keep you safe and love you and see you! You work so hard for everyone you love and seeing the love you have for Jehovah is truthfully amazing and very heart warming .. You make my heart so warm and happy and I know you make Jehovah so very happy to thank you Emma thank you for every last bit of work you put into all you do !! Even your love for me and how much you do for me is amazing !!!! And it's the best I've ever gotten and could ever ask for !!! Thank you .Good night my love have a great time tomorrow and remember Jehovah will bless you for what ever you put forth you are the best women I've ever met I love you so much !!! You anti mush you !!! Please please be more careful with the chemicals it's not safe. cry's I don't want you hurting ... Please I need you to keep safe kisses boboim sorry for messing up and doing something wrong again i really am I just can never do something right I'm not to bright ... Night love I'm so worn out and tired but I'm so happy that I have you who actually cares about me !!!!!! I'm so happy I have you to take care of me Emma !!! Yeah I'm the luckiest man on earth to have you !!!! And I couldn't have it any other way Pokes I miss you I love you emma you are my shining star who brightens up my world 1000x over you make me so happy from in everything you do ! And so proud to !! Mnm I thought about you this whole wedding I saw you and I as I watched them dancing in the dance floor as one .. I watched there every move like it was ours thinking of how we would decorate or how we would dance or even talk about while doing our dance ! I saw salsa dancing and put is in the shoes of them I saw us learning how to dance so well together as one i saw my heart with yours in everything we do I love you so much ! I saw your dad crying while dancing with you .. I'm so happy with you and your problems because I want to take everything you've got and face them together as one! I can't say I love you enough but I say it to many times but every time I say it I MEAN IT ! Im sorry about my mistakes and all my dumb Acts mnm and I want to Promise you this that I'm in love with you, and I'm not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I'm in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we're all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we'll ever have, and I am in love with you.A happy wife equals a happy life I'll never forget that XD!!! BECAUSE I WANA YOU TO BE THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD AND IM NOT GUNNA STOP TILL YOU ARE. Not because I want a happy life but because I want you to have a happy life with me heart! mnm sleep well tonight and have a good day tomorrow get some good rest and take my hand and cuddle with me till the end of time we may be far apart now but en we are together we can cuddle for ages but for now we much cuddle one another in our minds and in our dreams I reach out my hand every night as if your reaching for mine to grab you and bring you closer to me so we can cuddle now be it as it is it is a pillow in real life that I'm holding but I know your thinking of the same thing so I know it's really you my one and only true love I had an amazing time today and had so MUCH fun with you cuddling and watching the movie and eating good XD!!!!! SOOO AWESOME hehe butt face I love you mnm Mnm you are the best girl a guy could ever ask for .. And the love of my life I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY GIFTS AND I LOVE MY RING IT WAS FITTED PERFECTLY FOR ME MY LOVE YOY HAVE NO IDEA HOW AMAZING I FEEL OR HOW AMAZINF THIS MAKES ME FEEL TO FEEL THIS SAFE !!!! ... I'm crying Mnm you are the greatest women I've ever met and Your mine and I am yours always and forever!!!!! I love you deeply and miss you even more my heart beat beats creepily towards you then when I'm with you it beats like Thor I Dont know how to say it but I'm just can't live without you in my door rawr!! Kisses mnm I really hope you get home safe I'm absolutely terrified .. I need you safe and at hope I don't want anything to happen to you ... Mnm I love you so Freaking much ... I pray for you every night and day for you to be safe ! And to have a good day .. I'm sorry I always fall asleep ... I'm a big Butt.. Mnm you do make me so happy the moment I talk to you lol it's true I promise you i just honestly get so calm and excited even just hearing how to are or even just knowing what I'm doing is gunna me you happy I gee so calm excited and happy that I shock myself into sleep ... I know that sounds stupid and crazy but it's true .. Mnm I want you to know hat you are the world to me you make my heart beat beat .. You make my lungs breathe .. You make me survive in the day and times I sometimes feel I don't deserve to or want you because I love you so much that .. Ill do ANYHING and everything for you .. I'm so nuts bananas and golf balls for you lol I'm just in straight love with you mnm with every part of my being and I ask you please gets on one knee please marry me when we Are older .... I can't love without you ... I know by the looks of my falling alaeep you could say other wise but I promise you I can't ... If I ever lose you I will cry every day and every morning if you die ... But I will stay alive for you in the new system of things !! I will never leave you not ever in any span of life time !!!! I will always be with you because I love you to death mnm !! And .. I'm just so blessed to have you ... I feel like I've been given the best girl ever ... I just want to hug and cuddles you all say long and night never to be torn away from one another mnm ILYTHABAMTAFBLCAMTTCMLCATIAB !!! You are my sweet mnm heart good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite sweet dreams my love kisses hugs cuddles wrapping my arms around your tummy protecting it with all my might and tangling our legs together so right that we could never be pryed apart !!!! I love you ... Please believe me love kisses for head goodnight

  • InboxDollars®

    So cute. Kitten snuggling with stuffed animal.

  • Tammy Kelly

    sweet snuggley baby cat.

  • Kayla Thomas

    cuddle buddies. Melts my heart

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