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  • Joyce

    I mopped floors in college as a part time job. One of the dish washer people asked what my major was and I said nursing. He was like, "why nursing? why not be a doctor? i would've just gone to medical school." I seriously doubted myself and felt so small. Then I realize, well you'll always wash dishes while I will have a career in nursing after I graduate and pass the boards! See ya, sucker. Pray you don't become my patient someday!

  • Lisa Carlson Turnblom

    To all the wonderful nurses who are making a difference and who will....Linda, Joan, Laurie, Kathy, Stefanie and Melissa...... just to name a few!

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OMG this is so true ...... I promise to never say those words and stay on your good side lol

...cause you never know when a good laugh is going to hit you!!! many other reasons... wise words from your mother xo

"I have my future planned - I want to be a nurse!" ~ Vintage nursing recruitment poster.

Cap is very similar to ours at Methodist Hospital School of Nursing in Philadelphia. Ours didn't puff up as much in front and had 4 pleats making a pretty ruffle at the bottom in back.

Aunt Marge-she seemed to always be a hard working nurse

Personalized Chalkboard Nurse Rules - Subway Sign Art Print - Wall Art on Etsy, $35.00

This is why we study our asses off in nursing school. Doctors don't know everything!

To you, nursing student… found in a book at Barnes & Noble that a student nurse was buying to study for finals

Check our her hat and his cigarette. Wow how times have changed---Thank goodness-lol

Dorothy and Alice sharing stories. I can relate to this feeling. There are times we all have stories we want to tell that are simply beyond words or nobody would believe anyway. Ever say to yourself, "I need to write a book."?

Week 3- Ancillary Characters #3: Anne-Marie would be a great nurse, because she is wonderful with Nora's kids. Also, she has made many sacrifices in her life, like having to give up her own baby to take care of Nora. Nurses have to sacrifice a lot of their time, and Anne-Marie has done that all her life.

nurses - remember you said you were chilly as you were trying to clock me with your left and screaming for me to leave. I sure hope you are more comfortable!!