Drunkenness of Noah Sculpture -- Doges' Palace, Venice, Italy Every corner column on the exterior of the Ducal Palace represents an allegory about justice. These were meant to remind the public servants and the general populace of the high moral standards they should strive to uphold--not that they always did. On the eastern corner of the building is a group representing Drunkenness of Noah, symbolic of the frailty of man. Though weathered by the elements, this carving is a .......

Venice and the Lido This is a vintage travel poster showing a canal in Venice. Vittorio Grassi, circa 1920.


This iPad app takes you through every building on the Grand Canal and more.......

Scala Contarini Bovolo, Venice


Duomo, Milan Cathedral, the biggest church of Italy, after S. Peter in Rome

Ham Sculpture -- Doges' Palace, Venice, Italy The story in Genesis tells us that Ham mocked his father's drunkenness. Noah laid a curse on Ham's son because of Ham's disrespect for him. The bas-relief of Ham is separated from Noah and the other sons by the arch on the building.

Doges' Palace - Venice, Italy - Foscari Arch (triumphal)


Scuola di San Rocco - Venice, Italy Upper Hall Emerging again into the upper hall of the scuola, one is greeted by a large room where the paintings and wood carvings are as emotional and idiosyncratic as the architectural elements are cool and classically inspired. The paintings of the plague saints Roch on the left and Sebastian on the right are two of 25 paintings that Tintoretto created for this room's walls and ceiling, beginning in 1577. As he began his work on this room, Tintorett...

San Marco & Piazza - Venice, Italy - pper Facade - 'Christ's Resurrection' Mosaic

Colorful Canal, Venice, Italy photo via chloe

Venice canal

Foscari Arch - Doge Francesco Foscari -- Doges' Palace, Venice, Italy - This is a three-quarter view of the Foscari Arch. Doge Francesco Foscari reigned for 34 years, until 1457. After his unscrupulous son was banished from Venice twice, Doge Foscari was stripped of his power. The doge, brokenhearted, lost all interest in the affairs of state. Yet succeeding doges kept up the building program that both glorified Foscari and the office of the doge itself. Foscari's misfortunes became the...t

Grand Canal - Venice, Italy Palazzo Contarini-Polignac - Doges were from this family. The Polignacs, later owners, hosted the likes of the painter John Singer Sargent and Pablo Picasso and the writer Marcel Proust.

Porta della Carta - St. Mark Sculpture -- Doges' Palace, Venice, Italy - The beautiful Gothic arched entryway was built between 1438 and 1442, designed by Bartolomeo and Giovanni Bon. St. Mark appears prominently in the roundel in the Porta della Carta. As the patron saint of Venice he or his symbol, the lion, is visible in almost every civil sculpture in the city.

Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari - Venice, Italy - Doge Giovanni Pesaro Monument Skeleton

Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari - Venice, Italy - Pesaro Slaves

Porta della Carta Putti Sculptures -- Doges' Palace, Venice, Italy These putti carved to the right of the statue of the doge hold his coat of arms, with his Doge's cap on top. The rosy marble framing this arrangement is lovely. Imagine the polychrome on the Doge's coat of arms. The Venetians were brave in battle, and in their use of color.

Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari - Venice, Italy - Doge Giovanni Pesaro Monument