Drunkenness of Noah Sculpture -- Doges' Palace, Venice, Italy Every corner column on the exterior of the Ducal Palace represents an allegory about justice. These were meant to remind the public servants and the general populace of the high moral standards they should strive to uphold--not that they always did. On the eastern corner of the building is a group representing Drunkenness of Noah, symbolic of the frailty of man. Though weathered by the elements, this carving is a .......

Fonte Gaia in Piazza del Campo in Siena has been the most popular of the city's fountains since 1342 - in English it's called the Fountain of Joy. In 1409 Jacopo della Quercia added the basin to the great joy of the local pigeons!

Doge's Palace Courtyard Venice


San Marco & Piazza - Venice, Italy Portal Decorations - Man's Labors During Each Month of the Year

Beauty of Venice, Italy

Venice canal

San Marco & Piazza - Venice, Italy - pper Facade - 'Christ's Resurrection' Mosaic

Amber Palace, Rajasthan, India

Venice, so beautiful...

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Porta della Carta Putti Sculptures -- Doges' Palace, Venice, Italy These putti carved to the right of the statue of the doge hold his coat of arms, with his Doge's cap on top. The rosy marble framing this arrangement is lovely. Imagine the polychrome on the Doge's coat of arms. The Venetians were brave in battle, and in their use of color.


Scuola Grande Tedesca - Holy Ark -- Jewish Ghetto, Venice, Italy - The doors that cover the Holy Ark are most often in the shape of the two Tablets of the Law: the Ten Commandments. One can see here the lovely carving on the outside of the door, and on the armrests of the elders' seats. On the inside of each door is an inscription of the text of five of the Ten Commandments made with mother-of-pearl inlay. The crown symbolizes the supremacy of the Commandments. .............

Binoculars Building, Los Ángeles, CA

Chiesa degli Scalzi - Venice, Italy - Chiesa degli Scalzi

France | Hector Guimard's Art Nouveau Café Antoine, 17 rue La Fontaine, Paris XVIe (1911). Wild!

San Giorgio Dei Greci - Greek Trading Community -- San Giorgio Dei Greci, Venice, Italy - The Greek trading community had to obtain permission from the Doge to build San Giorgio dei Greci and its attached School. It was the only Greek Orthodox church in Venice. Designed by Sante Lombardo, the building was begun in 1539. It was consecrated in 1561 under the direction of Giannantonio Chiona. The cupola was added in 1571. The church is seen here from across the canal called the Rio dei Greci.

Canal side cafe (Trattoria Sempione, Venice)