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    • Samantha Jackson

      So excited for this movie! I highly suggest everyone to read the books!

    • Adrian Ver

      #LOL Premiere tomorrow of a hugely anticipated movie #HungerGames

    • Jenn T

      Cant wait to see The Hunger Games

    • Rachel Hall

      Let the games begin! Haha!

    • Millie Motes

      May the odds be ever in your favor (that you not be slaughtered by teens while vying for good seats to the movie).

    • Samantha Evans

      The Hunger Games Humor

    • Aloisa Sanne

      Funny Movies Ecard: May you not be slaughtered by teenagers while fighting for a good seat at The Hunger Games.

    • Hannah Engleman

      good luck to everyone at the theaters tonight (; 'may the odds be ever in your favor'

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    The Summer Olympics will seem ultra lame this year if there's no event with kids killing each other.

    I wonder if Team USA will try lighting their opening ceremony costumes on fire this year. // Yes! That would be EPIC!!! As if I needed another reason to love the Olympics :)

    Mom, were bored! Why dont you kids go play the Hunger Games...Ill see one of you later.

    oh josh hahaha--this actually makes sense though, I think Katniss is more manly than Peeta. I saw myself as Peeta all the way.

    If Peeta Mellark tossed bread to me, I would have tossed my underwear right back.

    I started running because I thought I was being chased by a Tracker Jacker. Then I realized it was just a wasp. Then I realized I wasn't in the Hunger Games.

    Getting picked last for sports doesn't feel so bad after seeing The Hunger Games.

    I mean, The Hunger Games will happen eventually. I've been thinking about the people I'd have to kill to be the victor. I apologize to you all.

    If this happens, it's going to be a full-out Hunger Games in the middle of The Hunger Games.

    Let's kick off spring by sitting in a dark theater watching teenagers murder each other.

    this is also one of the few times in the movie you see Katniss smile which is what makes him so special . Whether she knows it or not ,Peeta is one of the reasons she is who she is . She keeps saying that she owes him and hates it but , he doesn't care he wants to do these things for him because .......he loves her

    Worthless careers… This is why i will never win the Hunger Games