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Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan

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Lang Leav- Her Time

Daphne Cosplay by Tracy Collins — GeekTyrant

Man I hate this because being a female cop & soldier I'm usually the only female, I look at my colleagues as brothers nothing more. And I don't want your man ladies!

Ooh, shiny. Latex Daphne by Bianca Beauchamp

~ A 29-Year-Old Woman Spent Three Years Traveling The World By Herself And Here Are Her Favorite Places ~ #Travel #Inspiration

Scooby Doo - Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne

And Tony, whether he knew the straight jacket would happen to her or not, was supporting all of this.

My Favorite Things – May Card Kit Launch

12 Great Female Authors Recommend Their 40 Favorite Female Authors

Feyre by taratjah

So at first I didn't understand the point for the woman to be sassing Natasha. Like no one could move Natasha, right?? BUT THEN I LEARNED THAT T'CHALLA HAS A ENTIRE LEAGUE OF FEMALE BODYGUARDS. FEMALE. BODYGUARDS. THIS WOMAN IS ONE OF HIS BODYGUARDS. I almost had never been more excited to find that out! Fingers crossed to see some Wakandan versions of Black Widow in the Black Panther movie!! Don't let me down, Marvel!!!

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