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    I can't wait to tell my kids this one day haha

    My fellow gentlemen cannot disagree. *flailing with giggles*

    One brave woman’s dream to get boys to come to her yard: | The 35 Most Powerful Snapchats Of 2013

    Very true.

    Every time!

    So ADORABLE!!!

    Time to put those young'uns to work!

    Stand by me... I used to say this all the time lol

    Every time I post on G+.



    *Thank God!!!

    Preach it

    Best house work excuse ever

    Mom you're just jealous...


    Just saying

    I WANT one. Haha, this is just brilliant! |Humor||LOL||Funny pictures||Doormats||Funny doormats||Funny signs|

    Story of my life.