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Looking for the cheapest ways to travel Europe. Here are 8 ways to get around when traveling across Europe that will save you money and are cheap ways to travel.

What is Arch Plot and Classic Design

The Arch Plot: This is the best distillation of the classic three-act plot that I have ever seen. If you go to her blog, she has broken it down into 11 story beats.

23 Times Eddie Redmayne Was Too Precious For This World

When he went through airport security with his Golden Globe in his bag, and he was really excited when they asked him to open it. | 23 Times Eddie Redmayne Was A Gift We Didn't Deserve

High School Musical 2 is important to me because I live on a lake, so we would play the scene where Sharpay falls in the pool over, and over switching the roles of each person.

24 Reasons Your Romantic Relationship Will Never Compare To J.D. And Turk's

Amélie (2001)

Amelie (2001). "On September 3rd 1973, at 6:28pm and 32 seconds, a bluebottle fly capable of 14,670 wing beats a minute landed on Rue St Vincent, Montmartre. At the same moment, on a restaurant terrace nearby, the wind magically made two glasses dance unseen on a tablecloth..."