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These are so pretty. The feather detail makes it stand out.

A wonderful alternative to the discontinued versions of holographic polish... but you have to have their base coat to get this look. Good to know.

Marbling your nails without water

How to: (1) Choose nail polishes-high quality nail polish works best; (2) Fill a glass/plastic cup with warm/room temp water; (3) Load brush with polish and let it fall into water. Continue dropping polish, forming concentric circles; (4) *optional* tape around the nail to keep polish off finger. Holding finger horizontally (bent at knuckle and upside down) submerge nail into the polish; (5) With finger still in glass scrape excess polish off of finger; (6) Finish with top coat! Courtesy of

Neon and Cobalt Blue Nails / Absolutely in love with this #nailart

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baby blue - the color on my nails as we speak