beautiful words.

Beautifully said

Beautiful. <3

This is beautiful

I love when you find that perfect quote that says just how you feel but you couldn't explain it yourself...

best friend, lover, partner

In love with a guy that wants nothing to do with me. We were suppose to go through the good and the bad together. But you didn't want to fight for us. And now your moving on and I'm stuck..broken hearted

spot on...

Yeah, too bad we can't spend the rest of our lives together in a romantic sort of way -- I'm not even sure we'll be best friends - I guess only time will tell, I do know I love you

soul mate

William - I want you anyway I can get you. Not because you're beautiful or clever or kind or adorable, all though heaven knows you're all of those things.

Such a true and beautiful quote


Ryan my dear...although my mind knows you are no longer physically here with heart continues to search for "you" my other half among a sea of people. Hoping that maybe I may see a glimmer of your sweet face once again. I love you eternally.

I love you.