Nursing by the Numbers

Nursing infographic - some very interesting data -- did you know that nurses were injured more often than construction workers and assaulted more frequently than prison guards -- so much for "peaceful" first responders --

Also,  there's no evidence linking autism and vaccines

You cant acknowledge Zenoss alarms If you never open Zenoss - Roll Safe Black Guy Pointing at His Head

There is no night in the ICU. There is day, lesser day, then day again. There are rhythms. Every twelve hours: shift change. Report: first all together in the big room, then at the bedside, nurse to n

Where Night Is Day: The World of the ICU (The Culture and Politics of Health Care Work) by James Kelly

Healthcare humor

The look I give my patient when they're trying to get out of bed. "Don't you dare set that bed alarm off!

Nursing humor

Inserting a catheter, its a roller coaster, sometimes. Lol how I felt today!

LOL so true

Roar Playalong: aka, The Most Simple Song in the Universe, Ever.

Sweet Brown "taping together 40 pages for one pattern? Ain't nobody got time fo dat" Sewing meme CKC

I'm Just a Nursing Student - Mug

I'm Just a Nursing Student - Mug

I believe!! As much as I believe that saying "it's a quiet night" will cause explosive reactions on your unit!!

Life& Little Lessons: Nursing Humor.once again, my weekend approaches, as does the full moon