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  • Karen deFazio

    Aromatherapy For Your Horse, one of the most enjoyable training sessions I've attended dealt with applying essential oils on the spine - raindrop style - and watching the injured horse respond in such joy to be pain free :)

  • Angela Madill Burgess

    Mosquito bite relief ideas

  • Jennifer Marzluf --Nice prices on essential oils. Tea tree oil for $2.99 per 1/2 oz. :)

  • Kay Robinson

    Hair Perfume Recipes - Ingredients - Distilled Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerin (These are possible bases) Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil. Put in spray bottle and mist hair and body. Going to try making something like this for hair and body. The soap does not really smell after I put it on my body and hair. I might have not put enough EO's in soap recipe.

  • Ashley Berto

    Homemade bath products from the kitchen! Use up all the empty wine bottles

  • Pamela Lueke

    Mosquito Bite Relief - 40 natural remedies. I've read around & it seems like deodorant, toothpaste, & orajel work the best.

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