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Ear cookies


vintage santa card

Old style Santa

Vampire Cookies (EASY and delicious) | Baking Bites

Hand of Glory

Halloween Kitty Cookies!

vampire gingerbread men!

Dracula Cookies

Severed finger--------- hot dogs

Go ahead take a bite. Creepy! Perfect for a party.

Creepy Cookies: use slice & bake cookie dough. With some Rolos, m & m’s, licorice, and black decorator gel

Creepy, glowing jars of eye balls & skulls!! Did you know Tonic water glows with a black light? Fill jars with tonic water & put in creepy items like plastic eye balls or skulls, then put a votive candle on top. Put the black light behind the jars to make glow.

Store bought sugar cookie dough, sliced almonds and cinnamon or cocoa powder...these are just creepy.

For the mantle we purchased a few oversized jars, filled them with cabbages (brains?) and twigs (?) [[i'm sure i could put anything in the jars]] submerged in water, and backlit them with two florescent blacklight bars. Your average highlighter glows under blacklight, so to achieve the glowing jar effect we cut open a few highlighters and drained them into the water we used to fill the jars.

Ghost Pops ~ Super easy Halloween treats! White chocolate or candy melts, chocolate chips and stick pretzels!

Maggoty cupcakes - click through for more gross cake creations! #cakes #cupcakes #food #gross