5 minutes on facebook, 5 hours on pinterest! oh so true!

Yup. Doing this tomorrow!

Happens all the time.


This is true! It's like a time warp. Happens EVERY time! lol

Haha....so true

Seriously. I cannot decide whether Pinterest is the death of creativity or the rebirth. Opinions?

And then telling Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all about it. Pat on the back, you have absolutely no life ;)

She might as well post "Wants Attention" as her Facebook status.


True that! :)


Sadly true

Please don't judge me for the ecards you see on my pinterest board. I have no control over the humor I find in them.

so true....my night last night..

so true.. i suffer from this

True Story.

@Xzigalia Nic Siochfhradha - because of that one post i saw of yours.

Lol, so true. laughter-makes-you-live-longer