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    18 Home Remedies For Soothing Irritated Eyes

    by Jillee
    Recently I bought some eyeliner that did NOT agree with me! I actually should have known better (why does it seem like I say that a lot?) because I have had an adverse reaction to pink and/or purple-hued eye shadow or eyeliner in the past. But it had been a LONG time….and I was doing ...
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    After a year of studying and using essential oils, I give an update from my background as a chemist/medical doctor and natural health enthusiast. Find out the 3 reasons I'm still head over heels about essential oils and listen to a live class on eo's and emotional healing!

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    great for detoxing and stimulating the lymphatic system

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    20 Uses for Grapefruit Essential Oil. There are many essential oils that I would never be without. Grapefruit essential oil is definitely on that list.

    DiY car airfreshner with doTerra essential oils. Soak wood in water then add drops of you favorite doTerra oil to the clothes pin! Easy way to freshen your car and change scents as often as you want!


    Meet my cousin's sweet boy. So hard when a young baby must have open chest surgery. As soon as she was able she began applying doTerra Frankincense to his scar tissue and within 6 months... well, the picture says it all. Besides healing the scar there's no doubt that the Frankincense was also absorbing and healing his little body in deeper ways too. So grateful for this oil that is so precious it was worthy of baby Jesus. It truly is a special oil...

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    PROTECTION FROM CELL PHONE RADIATION WITH ROSEMARY: Most of us have heard  that cell-phone usage could expose you to unhealthy levels of radiation.  But when accumulated over time, exposure to radiation can result in cancer, DNA damage and a weakened immune system. (study) DNA damage disrupts normal cell growth and protein production. In 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), …

    Citrus Oils For Weightloss

    It took a little while for me to figure out which oil does what, so that's why I put together this list of essential oil beauty hacks.

    By now you know that I'm a big advocate of herbs and essential oils. If you're just delving into the realm of natural heal, it's good to baby step your way into a new lifestyle. Today, I want to sh...

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