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  • Sarah Gates

    El hada de papel: Manos de hielo / Ice hands / Eishände

  • Lay B223

    Ice pack in the shape of a hand- fill a rubber glove with water and freeze. Creepy hand in the punch bowl for halloween!

  • Kathleen Ochiuto

    ice hand ... for a Halloween Party? or ???

  • JCR Theilen

    rubber glove ice pack for injuries, El hada de papel: Januar 2011

  • Danielle Chanland

    Fill water into a plastic glove. Close it by turning around the end and close it by a clothes pin.Put it into the refrigerator until the water becomes ice. If a kid gets hurt and you put the ice hand on the bump the pain is

  • Lyn LaGreca

    Manos de hielo- Ice Hands for kid's boo boos #kids, #craft, #crafts, #children, #diy

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Make Your Own Shapeable Ice Pack | One Good Thing by Jillee-- Ok Dollar General with your crummy, leaking, "reusable" ice-packs... I am so doing this.

Balloon ice cubes. Great way to keep drink bottles cold but not wet from melted ice. Also, a fun way to add color to the party! RECRUITMENT

Fill balloons with water and freeze them. Use to keep drinks cold without having to worry about ice melting and making a mess. :-)

Woodland Animal Masks - LOVE this! The kids and I would have so much fun with these.

sponge ice pack we use this at our house and they use it at Westons Daycare. No water all over the place and it the kids open the bag it can be stuck in the microwave to sterolize

DIY Ruffle rubber gloves - you can buys these, but how fun would it be to make some with scraps of fabric for gifts?

Homemade Frozen Ice Paints inspired by the movie; these paints have the most glorious fluffy and icy texture

Create your own bokeh; Linnea Zulch - clearly this image explains itself for a LOT of people. I fee stupid but I still don't get it...

Make these out of fleece and fill with rice = hand warmers, cold pack for boo-boos, or hot compresses.. OWLS!

Bean Bag Animals as Ice Packs - Console an injured kid with a comforting ice pack. Chill a beanbag animal in the freezer and apply it to a little one’s wounds.

How to keep a child busy for hours in the summer: DIY: Giant Ice Cube Awesomeness - filled with plastic animals, dinos, and such. CONTROLLED DESTRUCTION!