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    LOL yeah!?

    For The Love Of PUG

    14 Reasons Pugs Are The Ultimate Experts In Summer Living


    LMFAO YES!!!

    Made me laugh



    :) this would have been a good quote to have when my kids were teenagers... actually now I could say that about myself haha

    Funny Pictures Of The Day

    So so so bad but so so so funny

    damn right. board games ... yup! building forts... yup! kickball... yup! being an adult is fun.

    :P thankful as annoying and obnoxious as my dog is...he has never been one to get into the trash! ;)


    I laughed.

    My favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge & a crunch ...It's called lunch!

    not even something i'd do but i laughed hard.

    Panic attack every time I went into the deep end.

    Shaken...not stirred.

    Guess who's learning about moles in chemistry...?? Meeee :) Guess who doesn't understand moles in chemistry?? Meeee :)

    Bill the Cat during his Billy and The Boingers days

    Sounds about right

    Canned lion hunting. 'Big Game Hunters' come to South Africa to trophy hunt, but these idiots can't actually do much more than point and shoot. So the lions are drugged and put into a cage so they can 'hunt' them. It's absolutely disgusting.