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The plight of Detroit’s economy is a familiar sight in the news – bankruptcy, unemployment, struggling industries and homelessness are topics that are covered frequently. But, perhaps an often overlooked aspect of the city’s economic crisis are the feral dogs.

The moves by Ikea and the Gap put some wage pressure on their competitors. It also makes it clear that these companies understand that raising wages will not significantly affect their profits.

More Than $12 Trillion Industry, With 5,800 % Margins+Premium+War Premium, OPEC's $1.034 Trillion Dollars In Net Profits......

Melinda Gonzalez 31, Unemployed Biggest problem: No jobs. #FixDetroit

Who Says Elderly Dogs Aren’t as Cute as Pups? | Next Avenue - Puppies steal people’s hearts. But then they age and cease to elicit as many “awws” as they once did. Canadian photographer Pete Thorne wondered why. So the 35-year-old set out to photograph elderly dogs in a project he’s titled: “Old Faithful.” The goal is to show the beauty and grace of older pets.

SUDBURY ONTARIO!! After all the 100% vetinary care - love and hope for a future with the couple that found Buddy by the roadside - with bullet wounds to his face - Buddy sadly never made it - Love you Buddy RIP

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