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  • Nour Abu Abdo

    haha true story

  • Full Circle Workshop / Janice Angel

    Soccer, funny America, think they know it all.

  • Savana Lesscher

    Because even though every other country calls it football America was just like, "let's call it soccer and for the sport where you use you hands for most of the game can be called football."

  • Mitchell Hanna

    Men's Humor, in any language. Hahaha

  • Elizabeth Newton

    I laughed at this one. Yes we call it soccer in the US haha...but Italy calls it calcio, heeeey. Point taken though, very funny stuff.

  • Jumer Gelcio

    Let's Play "Football Language" Different Languages but only one meaning... WE LOVE This SPORTS!

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The results of being doctrinated to think that the only way to say anything in german is to shout.

How German sounds. My son is taking German in high school...I think it's so he can feel like he can yell and snarl at me without me knowing or getting mad.

If I got this message in flower code, I'd probably be laughing too hard to move for the next week.

Close enough to realize someone was not properly trained or high--You can't stop laughing at the 1st one,but then you get it together and look at next-then it's repeat, repeat, repeat...Close enough??Hahahaahhaaa

language differences

For People Who Can't Tell The Difference

I have no idea who the bottom chicks are but this is funny as hell XD THEY EXIST

sometimes I feel like this is my job... Haha. "is that really sign language you are doing there? Cause I'm not following..."

Okay I'd just like to say that it makes sense because that's how you say it when you say the date out loud- October Sixth, 2012 ----> 10/6/12. I MAKES SENSE PEOPLE.

German language differences these make me giggle every time.

Dear guest…I hate people who take stuff, they need to be charged up the wazoo for stuff, and add dishware to it.