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One last thing

Last will and testament of a pet .totally made me cry! Remember, there are always gonna be animal shelters that are trying to find animals a good home. If a pet has truly changed your life, why couldn't another animal?

It's true.  Always Rescue.

I couldn't imagine our home with out our rescue dog Libby and our rescue kitties Jackson and our beloved late Harley

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I teared up. The love of a dog is the truest love there is. ( The Other Pinner Teared Up, Now I am Too. Gonna give my babies some hugs :).I teared up too.

To My Dog......AMEN!!

1m People for Pets on

I will never move and not take you with me.I will never put you in a Shelter and leave.I will never hurt you.I will never desert you when you get old and blind.When the time comes I will be there to hold you.


I'm a forever dog. My dogs have always been forever dogs. Oh I wish all dogs were forever dogs.

Rainbow Bridge poem

Rainbow Bridge - When we picked up my dogs ashes after her death, they also sent along a copy of this poem. I can't wait to cross Rainbow Bridge!

'Just a Dog' poem - so beautiful. -Lola The Pitty-

'Just a Dog' poem - so beautiful. -Lola The Pitty- SO TRUE! People without animals just usually don't "get it"

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Dog bereavement poem, dedicated to my beautiful Cleo, Ceazer, Ringo, Oreo who passed away recently. Love you forever Emmydog xxx

I made it home ~ loss of pet great to give to kids when they lose a pet to ease the pain

I made it home ~ loss of pet great to give to kids when they lose a pet to ease the pain - Casual Crafter

A kitten with glowing, green eyes sitting on the pavement.

Cat eyes.

I will get a Maine Coon kitten. Talk to me when I have plenty of kittens and you have none!

I need this puppy! #miniatureschnauzerpuppy

Miniature Schnauzer - Smart and Obedient

I need this puppy! #miniatureschnauzerpuppy

Boxer puppy- big paws lil body!

Boxer puppy- big paws lil body!

Unconditional love

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