Even baby tigers hate when their mom cleans their #cute baby Animals| http://baby-animals-957.blogspot.com

Eye of The Tiger


Omg I wanna smooch

We all have magnificent potential, but in order to reach that potential we must change. For if we did not need to change, then we would already be living and expressing our highest potential. We must change our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and habits which are in essence our personality.


Tiger Cub, Baby Siberian Tiger

Daniel Münger

white tigers

Hear me roar ❤️

The face expression is just too good. Not quite a face you can read and yet it says so much.

Dare you to come near me

I have thought tigers were beautiful since I was a child. Wrote my first report in elem. school about tigers. I am excited for the time when the lamb and the lion--the sarah and the tiger--can be friends.: Tiger Smile, Animals, Big Cats, Bigcats, Beautifu

Photo Noir et Blanc

Mama love.

Mama Tiger cleaning her baby | @SingleFin_


Dream come true, I held one 6 weeks old and feed him his bottle. He slapped me across the face w/his huge paw, playing. NC His baby growl was funny