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Clever lyrics in pop music...this is why I listen to rock n roll. Actual lyrics...and incredible guitar solos.

This is a text I need to receive.

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I actually said this during one of my cross country practices and everyone that heard started cracking up! THANK YOU LEGALLY BLONDE!

As the previous pinner said: "I've never trusted a door so much in my entire life."

Don't text and drive.

  • Thomas Adams Jr.

    Well lets see here considering I have also buried a child because of the neglect of a doctor I guess you're right I am a little bit insensitive

  • Thomas Adams Jr.

    But also considering its posted as a joke I guess I am a rude person and should never have said it so you have a great day miss Kim

  • Jill Passen

    I'm sorry for your loss, Thomas. I'm glad you can still find joy and humor in life.

  • Thomas Adams Jr.

    Tyvm in both cases

  • Tween Ok

    Omg sooo funny

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I laughed more than I should have

73 year old Surfing Nun, Sister James Dolores. Below is Sister James of the Sister Servants of Immaculate Heart. Both at the Nun's Beach Surf Invitational.

  • Francine Sabisch

    Nun's Beach Surf Invitational is legit, but I don't think "Sister James" is. Based on her clothes, I am guessing she is a surfer who entered the contest! :)

Either they're or they are. Not both. But funny

Christmas decoration - Hahahaha

18 Funny Restaurant Signs | This one: Signs that aren't scared of critics

  • Carmen Haynes

    The last picture is from El Arroyo, a restaurant in Austin. They have some yummy Mexican food and funny signs.

  • Hannah Vanbiber

    Carmen Haynes No way! That is too cool! I shouldn't be surprised, though - Austin is one fabulous city. :)

  • Carmen Haynes

    It is Hannah. I miss it sometimes.