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The photo above shows Steens Mountain looking north from the Alvord Desert. The Alvord Desert is a playa at the base of Steens Mountain in southeastern Oregon. A recently active normal fault runs along the break in slope, uplifting the range. Together, the playa and mountain provide an example of Basin and Range topography in Oregon, as the playa occupies part of the down-dropped basin and the mountain tilts westward to form a tilted fault block. Photo taken July 7, 2006.

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7 Surreal Landscapes

Solar eclipse, as seen from Earth’s orbit

I don't know exactly what kind of gemstone this is but I like the fact that it's in a heart shape. ♥.•:*¨¨*:•.♥

This photograph of a classic unconformity was taken at a road cut at Berowra, New South Wales, Australia. An unconformity is a geological structure that's significant because it represents a time during which no sediments were preserved in a region. Because the local record for that time interval is missing, geologists must use other clues to discover the part of the geologic history that's absent. The interval of geologic time not represented is called a hiatus. An unconformity is often a…

The above photo depicts the Salt Pan of Death Valley, California at sunrise, with a view to the northward. The valley floor of Death Valley floods periodically with salt-laden water; when the water evaporates, it precipitates the salt. The polygons form by cracking of the playa surface as it dries, and stand out in relief because new salt precipitates in the cracks. "Tepee Structure" forms where slabs of salt rest against each other. Photo taken January 1, 2008.

Zometool: Built upon the the proportions of the Golden Section and the Fibonacci Sequence, Zometool is a modeling system of balls and struts which represent points and lines in space. Replicating so many natural structures, it is of great value for professionals including mathematicians, crystallographers, and material science engineers. It is invaluable for education and is suitable for ages 6-adult. http://tinyurl #ZomeTool #Modeling_System #Mathematics #Education #Science