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  • Viane Eichelberger
    • 3 years ago

    Have an inexpensive kite for each child or a drawing for them to complete as the teacher discusses the 5 Christian aspects of a kite - concentrating on the Holy Spirit the most, to go along with this Bible lesson. Here are the 5 analogies for the Kite that we learn on KITE DAY each year. 1) The cross shape dowels are how you begin to build a kite and the CROSS is the beginning of the Christian life; 2) a kite needs a tail to keep the kite stable in the wind and Christians have the Word of God, to keep them stable; 3) a kite needs covering to catch the wind - Jesus covers all our sin and debt; 4) a kite has to be anchored to something that won't blow away and we, as Christians have Jesus Christ as our anchor; and 5) kites need the wind to fly. The HOLY SPIRIT is our helper to lift us up.

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