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Fresco at a church in a Mt. Athos monastery. Mt Athos is a mountain and peninsula in Macedonia, Greece, and a World Heritage Site.

Holy Relic of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, from her girdle (belt, cincture). It was taken from the grave of Saint Thomas the Apostle who brought it from Jerusalem to India. Now it is preserved under the guard of Jacobite Syrian Church in Homs, Syria.

con with the Koimesis ("Falling Asleep") of the Virgin Mary, late 10th century Byzantine; Probably made in Constantinople Inscribed in Greek: The Koimesis

Chora, Patmos - Greece monastery of Saint John the Theologian - founded in 1088

Ithaca from Fiskado, Kephalonia, Greece by EEPaul, via Flickr

Kefalonia Assos...i wanna go now!!!

During iconoclast heresy, icons were taken from people. When soldiers cut the icon of a pious Nicean widow, blood flowed. God told her to cast the icon in the sea; it stood upright and sailed west. Soon Mount Athos Iveron monks saw a pillar of light on the sea; it lasted several days. Virgin Mary told them only a monk named Gabriel was worthy to take it. The icon was put in the sanctuary but found at the gate several times. Virgin Mary told monks she would protect them, not otherwise. (Feb 12)

Katholikon of the Monastery of the Holy Trinity, Meteora, Greece