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  • Inga Sabovica

    Easter Eggs Spinach = Pale Green Hibiscus tea = Green Blackberries = Deep Purple Red Cabbage = Robin’s egg Blue Cranberries = Lavender Beet Juice = Pale Pink * The longer you leave the eggs in, the more the color changes

  • Jeannie Reger

    Natural dyes for Easter eggs

  • Paul Ette

    beautiful eggs

  • Anna Johnson

    Natural Egg Dyes.... Spinach = Pale Green, Hibiscus tea = Green, Blackberries = Deep Purple, Red Cabbage = Robin’s egg Blue, Cranberries = Lavender, Beet Juice = Pale Pink, * The longer you leave the eggs in, the more the color changes.

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Vibrant Easter Eggs, dyed naturally. Thought this would also be a good teaching tool for textiles were dyed long ago. Maybe even try to dye different materials like cotton fabric, yarn, etc with the the natural dyes (science).

how to dye with beets, blueberries and onion skins

the most incredible eggs I've ever seen - look at those colors and I'm a sucker for flora silhouettes.

Add olive oil to egg dye to create swirls on your Easter Eggs

Natural Easter Egg Dyes- A Comprehensive Visual Guide by Emily Weaver Brown Photography. A blast to do with the kids, but also might have to try it on fabric.

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Natural egg dye + other cool ideas like melting crayon shavings on just-boiled eggs.

All-Natural Egg Dye. Boil the eggs in the pot with vinegar and cabbage to get blue eggs? Seriously? Got to try this.