When you plant a labrador sapling, make sure your planter can accomodate a full sized lab.

but also love sleeping #GSD in a basket.


Whatever it takes to get the ball back!

hmmmm, something tells me things didn't go as intended.

Want this

don't fit

Ahhh!! :) Adorable lab picture! Pet Photography | Dog | Labrador Retriever


Labs = sweet and beautiful


Too cute

More like every day! Being on the computer or painting in my studio with my labs curled around my feet! <3

A Great Dane who is friends with a fawn. | 50 Animal Pictures You Need To See Before You Die

cheeseeee That's got to be a labrador......the clowns of the dog world...they laugh at themselves

Home is where your lab is!!

chocolate labrador.

Labs make my heart happy

Labrador Retriever Rings, Silver, Black & Gold Plated

Wink ;-P